About - Elle Maraccini is an artist specializing in marketing campaigns and publications, skillfully merging illustration and graphic design to bring brands to life. With an intuitive understanding of the symbiotic relationship between design and narrative, she uses hand lettering and texture to make every product distinctly original; Brand or Author
A graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, Elle's journey into the world of illustration and graphic design started with the tradition of hand-lettered calligraphy. Her work is characterized by a harmonious blend of contemporary design principles and timeless illustrative techniques. Hand-made pens and scanned textures connect with every audience, as they give unpredictable life to art. Elle collaborates closely with teams, absorbing their ethos and goals to create designs that not only capture attention but also forge a meaningful connection with consumers. Whether it's crafting a compelling brand logo or shaping the visual identity of an entire campaign, Elle's work reflects a deep commitment to elevating her clients' stories.
Her understanding of layout and typography enhances the reading experience, creating publications that are both informative and visually engaging. Elle's ability to adapt her style to match the tone and theme of diverse content showcases her versatility and commitment to serving the unique needs of each project.
*A sure-fire way to get my attention is to leave some matcha on your doorstep and I will appear overnight. or email me
EMAIL: efccini@gmail.com

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Roblox, Youtube, The Grog Shop, FOX TV, Wabash River Cycle Club, KNB EFX, Concord Clayton Pinoneer, Metroparks Zoo, ZOX, 
Gallery Show
"The Silly Show" The Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland OH 2023
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